Mini Golden Cavaliers

Are you a Golden Cavalier or a Golden Retriever person? Some would say that the Golden Retriever is their best dog choice, while others prefer to go for the Cavalier. But which of them is the best dog breed? Okay, we are crazy dog fans that we can’t differentiate one from the other. We would pick them both. Nevertheless, they do differ in a way, which means that some potential dog owners will have specific preferences.

To help you understand the difference between these dog breeds, here is a guide for you.

Origin/AKC Group Recognition
Even though these dogs look quite similar and they also have the same name, they come from different origins. But then again, they are somewhat related in terms of the place of origin. The Golden Cavalier originates from England, whereas the Golden Retriever comes from Scotland. So yes, they are very much related.

Also, Cavaliers are more of companion dogs, but the Retrievers are considered to be Gun Dogs.

In terms of the American Kennel Club recognition, the Retriever was the first one to enter the American pet world. The ALC Group recognized the Retriever as a Sporting breed back in 1925. On the other hand, Cavaliers were recognized by the AKC club as Toy breed in 1995.

Size and Weight
If you are looking for a small Golden breed, you should consider going for the Cavalier. Golden Cavaliers tend to be smaller in size than the Golden Retrievers. While an adult Cavalier can grow up to 12 or 13 inches in height, the adult male Retrievers will grow up to 22 to 24 inches in height. Cavaliers are lighter at an average weight of 14lbs, while male Retrievers’ average weight is at 70lbs.

Golden Cavaliers are mostly affectionate, courageous, social, cheerful, intelligent, nonaggressive, fearless, and generally quiet. On the other hand, Retrievers are kind, reliable, confident, friendly, trustworthy, and intelligent too.
In terms of intelligence, the Golden Retrievers tend to be more intelligent than the Cavaliers.

Too many people want to know about the grooming and upkeep of the dog they intend to keep. Generally, both the Cavalier and the Retriever require average grooming. But the Cavaliers tend to shed more than the Retrievers.
So, which breed will you be choosing? Both breeds cost between $1,000 and $2,000. Also, if you want to learn more about these dog breeds, find a dedicated breeder like Mini Goldens 4 You You can also get some amazing Miniature Golden Retrievers- and Miniature Bernese Puppies-