About Us

Dog Puppy Labradoodle - Free photo on Pixabay

We are experts

In dog breeding

At Poodle Breeders Classified we have 20 years of experience in raising and caring for animals, as well as a professional and qualified team at your service.

Our center is made up of a group of people, enthusiasts of the dog world, with a great vocation, firm commitments, clear goals and appropriate training.

We have health-checked specimens with a balanced character, in the middle of nature.

We try to satisfy the needs of our dogs so that they are happy and do not have deficiencies of any kind; both adults and puppies in the period that are among us.

Both its morphology and its character are important.

For the well-being of our dogs we have modern, comfortable and hygienic facilities.

Our center is no longer an illusion and takes real shape in the early 1990s with some dogs, which, being excellent, would be the reference for some of our current breeds.

All of us who participate in this project are equally responsible for ensuring the perfect order and well-being of our dogs, getting from them the best they can give us.

Selection, when the starting point is clear and the end point is ambitious, is possibly the most difficult task. We have spared no effort on it.

Our crosses are select and conditioned by many factors, both genetic and environmental.

The puppies resulting from these crosses will receive the basic, health and socialization care necessary to ensure their perfect physical and emotional state.