Our Hatchery

Argentina The Silver Buenos Aires - Free photo on Pixabay

At Poodle Breeders Classified we are aware of animal care, we have extensive facilities for the care of our animals, all the animals we raise are delivered to families offering information and exclusive advice to guarantee animal welfare.

We carry out responsible animal husbandry with veterinarians and a team of professionals, no dog is left over at Poodle Breeders Classified, being responsible for what is sustainable breeding.

We are specialized in poodle breeding we have more than 2,500 square meters of surface dedicated to the breeding of the different breeds, as well as a qualified technical team dedicated to carrying out the necessary care tasks so that they are cared for at all times. .

Our dog kennel is located in Atlanta, Georgia. We have all the necessary permits to carry out our activity, so all the dogs we have are subject to rigorous health controls and make us trustworthy and professional breeders.